Lab Alumni

Former Postdoctoral Researchers, Visiting Professors, and Technicians

These former postdoctoral researchers and visiting professors have been central to our research over the years.

Name Current Affiliation
Dr. Agustin Brena Institute of Engineering, UNAM, Mexico City
Blaze Budd Geologist, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Briana Jasinksi
Dr. Ryan Vannier Jackson College
Dr. Tianfang Xu Civil and Environmental Engineering, Utah State University

Former Graduate Students and Affiliated Graduate Students

This list includes Graduate students who got their degrees from the Hydrogeology Lab, and those that while getting degrees elsewhere at MSU found themselves closely affiliated with our research–and us with theirs.

Name Year
Degree Advisor (Lab)
Thesis Current Affiliation
Dr. Jillian Deines 2018 PhD Hyndman Integrating Satellite Observations into Process-Based Models to Inform Agricultural Water Management Postdoctoral Research, Stanford
Lon Cooper, P.E., P.G. 2016 PhD Candidate Hyndman Quantifying Groundwater/Surface Water Exchange Along a Stream Meander Site Mitigation Manager, AEI Consultants
Dr. Erin Haacker 2017 PhD Hyndman and Kendall Sustainability of the High Plains Aquifer: From deliberate impacts to unintended consequences Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Dr. Sam Smidt 2017 PhD Hyndman and Kendall Redefining Water and Land Management Strategies for the Early 21st Century Assistant Professor, Soil and Water Sciences, University of Florida
Kayla Cotterman 2016 MS Hyndman and Kendall Analysis and Adaptation of the Effects of Climate Change and Groundwater Depletion on Crop Production and Water Availability Across the High Plains Aquifer Research Physical Scientist at U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
Kaya Diker 2015 MS Candidate Van Dam (Applied Geophysics) and
Monitoring spatial and temporal soil moisture variability under natural and managed vegetative ecosystems Co-Founder & CTO of Binnaz and Faladdin Apps
Yu-Teng Ma 2014 MS Van Dam (Applied Geophysics) Using combined geophysical methods to better understand spatial and temporal soil moisture variability in a deciduous forest
Dr. Mine Dogan 2013 PhD Van Dam and Hyndman High resolution characterization of aquifers to improve flow and transport models of highly heterogeneous media Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University
Emily Luscz 2013 MS Hyndman and Kendall Modeling Nutrient Loading to Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin: A Detailed Source Model at the Regional Scale MBA Candidate and Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow at Johnson Graduate School of Management
Brian Eustice 2011 MS Van Dam (Applied Geophysics) Exploring the Nature of Free Convection in a Sabkha with Electrical Imaging and Hydrological Modeling Hydrogeologist with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Dr. Sherry Martin 2010 PhD D. Hayes (Fisheries and Wildlife) Land-Use Legacy Effect: Combining Spatial and Temporal Drivers in Statistical and Mechanistic Models of Lake Water Chemistry Research Associate at the MSU Hydrogeology Lab
Dr. Anthony Kendall 2009 PhD Hyndman Predicting the Impacts of Land Use and Climate on Regional-Scale Hydrologic Fluxes Research Assistant Professor at the MSU Hydrogeology Lab
Chris May 2009 MS Hyndman Evaluating the Influence of Historical Land Cover on Sediment and Nutrient Transport Geologist at Puget Sound Geological Investigation
Abby Norton Krane 2008 PhD Candidate Van Dam (Applied Geophysics) Adjunct Earth Science Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Dr. Dushmantha Jayawickreme 2008 PhD Hyndman Exploring the Influence of Land Use and Climate on Regional Hydrology and Groundwater Recharge Assistant Professor, Southern Connecticut State University
Nick Welty 2005 MS Hyndman Exploring Relationship between Land Use and Ecohydrology Using Multivariate Statistics and Process-Based Model Principal Geologist at ARCADIS
Matt Spansky 2005 MS Candidate Hyndman Hydrogeologist with URS
Peter Lepczyk 2005 MS Hyndman Laboratory and Numerical Simulations of Three-Dimensional Microbial Transport and Biodegradation Senior Geologist with Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.
Mike Brennan 2004  MS Hyndman Effect of Small-Scale Heterogeneities on Tracer Transport Project Manager/Senior Engineer at DTE Energy
John Moss 2004  MS Hyndman Quantifying the Specific Conductivity of Contaminated Groundwater Using Ground Penetrating Radar at the Former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Oscoda, Michigan Latent Property Damage Claim Group Consultant at The Hartford
Chris Hoard 2002 MS Hyndman The Influence of Detailed Aquifer Characterization on Groundwater Flow and Transport Models at Schoolcraft, Michigan Hydrologist, USGS, Michigan Water Science Center
Dr. Brian Lipinski 2002 MS Hyndman Estimating Natural Attenuation Rates for a Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Plume in a Glacio-Fluvial Aquifer, Schoolcraft, Michigan Senior Geophysical Interpreter, Chevron
Dr. David Boutt 1999 MS Hyndman Interpreting the Impacts of Land Use on Water Quality Using Groundwater Flow and Transport Simulations in the Grand TraverseBay Watershed Associate Professor of Hydrogeology at UMass Amherst
Ken Ewers 1997 MS Hyndman Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport in Medium Scale Highly Heterogeneous Environments Environmental Geologist
GREDELL Engineering Resources, Inc.
Sandra Treccani 1997 MS Hyndman Scientist, Washington State Department of Ecology

Former Undergraduate Students

Name Year Degree
Julia Michienzi 2018 BS Environmental Geoscience
Ben McCarthy 2018 BS Environmental Geoscience
Jeremy Rapp 2018 Dual BS Geology and GIS
Quercus Hamlin 2017 BS Geographic Information Science (GIS)
Heather Moule 2015 BS Environmental Geoscience
Katie Smack 2015 BS Environmental Geoscience
Troy Ludwig 2015 BS Geographic Information Science (GIS)
Henry Whitenack 2014 BS Environmental Geoscience
Pete Miller 2015 BS Environmental Geoscience
Jacob Whitbeck 2015 BS Environmental Geoscience
Jordan Merreot 2015 BS Environmental Geoscience
David Greening 2014 BS Geological Sciences
Michelle Bagnasco 2014 BS Environmental Geoscience
Lia Sharon 2014 BS Environmental Geoscience and James Madison College
Nick Martin 2014 BS Geological Sciences and GIS
Haley Celovsky 2014 BS Environmental Engineering
Laura Bailey 2014 BS Environmental Engineering
Charlotte Lee 2014 BS Enviornmental Geoscience and Geological Sciences (Lyman Briggs)
Jordan Hein 2013 BS Geological Sciences
Tom Becker 2014 BS Computer Science
Kevin Ruhland 2012 BA Chemistry
Ryan Nagelkirk 2012 BS Environmental Geoscience
Briana Jasinski 2012 BS Environmental Geoscience
Brad Garrod 2013 BS Computer Science
Bobby Chrisman 2011 BS Geological Sciences
Jeff Eggleston 2010 BS Environmental Microbiology
Jason Bernstein 2008 BS Geological Sciences
Cheryl Adkins 2006 BS Environmental Engineering and Primary Education
Kent Dankenbring 2005 BS Geological Geosciences