Group Members

This page lists the current Faculty, Staff, Graduate students, Undergraduate students who are part of our research group, and affiliated faculty that help drive our research program forward. See our Lab Alumni page for a list of those that have been instrumental in shaping the course of our research in the past–and with whom we often still collaborate.

Lab Members

 NameRoleResearch Interest
Dr. Anthony KendallLab DirectorRelationships between climate/vegetation/biogeochemical cycles and the terrestrial hydrologic cycle.
Brent HeerspinkPhD StudentInvestigating water quality and water availability in the Great Lakes region using a combination of process based hydrologic models and field data.
Jeremy RappMS StudentCoupling remote sensing and deep learning to elucidate changes in cropland irrigation practices and extent within the continental United States.
 Jacob StidPhD StudentEvaluating the impacts of renewable energy landscapes on agriculture, pollinators, and water resources, using modeling and machine learning analysis to inform future agroenergy infrastructure.
Behnaz MirzendehdelPhD StudentModeling surface and groundwater systems to quantify and investigate how hydrologic changes shape water budgets across watersheds.
Madaline SiglerMS StudentGroundwater modeling and its applications to the Great Lakes Basin’s hydrologic response to climate change.
Noah BohlMS Student Investigating the relationships between groundwater and cold water streams.
Sam NesheimResearch TechnicianFiled and lab work support for surface and groundwater research in Michigan.
Samin AbolmaaliPhD StudentQuantifying nutrient transport pathways from river mouths through open water to coastal wetlands.
Jordyn PorterBS StudentDevelopment of telemeter sensors for groundwater motioning.

Affiliated Faculty

We work very closely with other faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and elsewhere.

 NameTitle (Lab)Research Interests
Dr. David HyndmanDr. Hyndman’s research interests include developing novel methods to characterize the aquifers that store and transmit water supplies critical to human and ecological health, helping develop methods to clean contaminated aquifers using emerging technologies such as bioremediation, and quantifying the human impacts on changes in climate and land use on the water cycle. His research involves coupling novel models with high resolution field data to explore the physical, chemical, and ecological processes in natural and anthropogenically altered systems.
Dr. Bruno Basso

University Foundation Professor

Crop modeling, crop water use, carbon and nutrient cycling in agronomic systems
Dr. Warren WoodVisiting ProfessorHydrology of arid areas, groundwater recharge, sabkha hydrogeology
Dr. Jay ZarnetskeAssistant Professor,
(Hydroecology and Watershed Science)
Environmental hydrologist exploring the hydrogeomorphic template of catchment ecosystems and groundwater – surface water exchange environments