Welcome to the MSU Hydrogeology Lab!

We are looking for two or three Research Scientists, in a collaborative hire between MSU and UT Dallas! Review of applicants begins on December 1, 2023, and will continue until the positions are filled! See the position announcement.

Here we evaluate human impacts on the water cycle through changes in climate and land use, as well as develop new methods to characterize the aquifers that store and transmit water supplies critical to human and ecological health.

Our research group combines new models with high resolution field data to explore the physical, chemical, and ecological processes in natural and anthropogenically-altered systems. Our core areas of expertise include field data collection, data management, statistical and numerical modeling, and GIS analysis. We have invested in developing these capabilities in order to strengthen the professionalism of our work, and to tackle water resource problems at ever larger scales.

Hydrogeology is an intrinsically multi-disciplinary field because of the critical role water plays in both human health and natural ecosystems. As a result, much of our research has been done in interdisciplinary teams that span areas of geology, hydrology, geochemistry, microbiology, geophysics, civil engineering, and ecology. Beyond the academic world, much of our work involves stakeholders at local, state, and federal levels.