Group Members

2018 MSU Hydrogeology Lab Group

This page lists the current Faculty, Staff, Graduate students, Undergraduate students who are part of our research group, and affiliated faculty that help drive our research program forward. See our Lab Alumni page for a list of those that have been instrumental in shaping the course of our research in the past–and with whom we often still collaborate.

Faculty and Staff

Name Title Research Interest
David Hyndman Professor and Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science Dr. Hyndman’s research interests include developing novel methods to characterize the aquifers that store and transmit water supplies critical to human and ecological health, helping develop methods to clean contaminated aquifers using emerging technologies such as bioremediation, and quantifying the human impacts on changes in climate and land use on the water cycle. His research involves coupling novel models with high resolution field data to explore the physical, chemical, and ecological processes in natural and anthropogenically altered systems.
Anthony Kendall Research Assistant Professor Relationships between climate/vegetation/biogeochemical cycles and the terrestrial hydrologic cycle
Sherry Martin Research Associate Linking aquatic ecosystem services in a changing landscape through landscape ecology, biogeochemistry and systems modeling
Leanne Hancock Research Associate Geochemistry of sediments and natural waters as tracers of biogeochemical processes past and present
  Lisi Pei Research Associate Regional climate modeling from convection-resolving weather event scale to decadal climate change scale, featuring the realization of anthropogenic influences such as land-use land-cover change, irrigation, deforestation, urbanization, etc., within the regional climate modeling framework to investigate the hydro-meteorological and climate feedbacks.
Mohammed Mizanur Rahman Research Associate Impact analysis of multi-faceted catchment drivers on water resources through hydrological model application

Graduate Students

Name Degree Advisor (Lab) Research Interest
Allyson Brady MS Hyndman and Kendall The effects of anthropogenic water use on overall environmental, economic, and energetic sustainability, specifically the impacts of agricultural irrigation on the energy footprint and water resources in the High Plains Aquifer of the United States
  Chanse Ford PhD Hyndman and Kendall  Effects of warmer winter temperatures on snow melt hydrology in the Great Lakes, groundwater-surface water interactions, landscape hydrologic modeling, stable isotope geochemistry
Quercus Hamlin MS Hyndman and Kendall Modelling application and transport of nitrogen and phosphorus in the Great Lakes Basin
  Bailey Hannah MS Hyndman and Kendall  How human activity can affect water quality and play a role in watershed ecology
  Brent Heerspink MS Hyndman  The impacts humans have on water quality and water availability, with specific interest in contamination and remediation of water resources
Alex Kuhl PhD Hyndman Using geophysics to study plant-water interactions.
Ben McCarthy MS Hyndman and Kendall Quantifying the impact of shifting agricultural practices on large scale hydrology in terms of energy use and water use efficiency.
Jeremy Rapp MS Hyndman and Kendall Coupling remote sensing and deep learning to elucidate changes in cropland irrigation practices and extent within the continental United States
Jacob Stid MS

Hyndman and Kendall

Developing a remote sensing framework to identify co-located photovoltaic arrays and their design practices in agriculture to elude to associated food, water, and energy implications.
Luwen Wan PhD Hydman and Kendall Relationship between climate change/landscape change and hydrological process/ water quality in watershed ecosystem

Undergraduate Researchers

Our Undergraduates are a core part of the team, and contribute to every part of the research process.

Name Degree Program Research Projects/Interests
Sabrina Curtis Geological Sciences I am looking at extreme water level changes in the Great Lakes and their relation to establishment of invasive plant species in coastal wetlands.

Affiliated Faculty

We work very closely with other faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, including:

Name Title (Lab) Research Interests
Dr. Bruno Basso

University Foundation Professor

Crop modeling, crop water use, carbon and nutrient cycling in agronomic systems
p_wood Dr. Warren Wood Visiting Professor Hydrology of arid areas, groundwater recharge, sabkha hydrogeology
JPZ_portrait_small Dr. Jay Zarnetske Assistant Professor,
(Hydroecology and Watershed Science)
Environmental hydrologist exploring the hydrogeomorphic template of catchment ecosystems and groundwater – surface water exchange environments