Research Focus Areas

Landscape Hydrology

Forecast climate and land use changes will impact water resources. Those impacts will be determined by complex interactions between ecologic, climatologic, and hydrologic systems and processes. We are particularly interested in the role that groundwater plays in moderating and controlling these interactions, and in the impact of predicted changes on groundwater resources.

Projects related to Landscape Hydrology include

Eco- and Agro-hydrology

Climate and land use changes will not only affect water resources, but they will affect water quality and availability for both natural and agricultural ecosystems as well. Mitigating those impacts depends on understanding the systems well enough to forecast possible effects and suggest revised management strategies.

Projects related to Ecohydrology include


Geophysical methods are capable of measuring and monitoring hydrologic fluxes and determining hydrogeologic properties at point, field, and larger scales. We have several projects that use electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to determine aquifer properties and measure soil moisture changes.

Projects related to Hydrogeophysics include