Autumn Parish

Personal History

During my undergraduate studies at Illinois State University, I worked as a research assistant for the Geology department’s paleontologist and also as a tutor for an introductory level geology course. After earning my degree, I worked for a petroleum company in southern Illinois managing and monitoring multi-formation water injection wells used in secondary recovery of hydrocarbons.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the possible impacts of biofuel crop production  and climate change on future water quality and quantity. More specifically, I am attempting to determine how various cellulosic  biofuel feedstocks will affect the water balance when compared to one another as well as more traditional grain-based feedstocks. To do  this, I work with data collected from biofuel crop test plots and  integrate it with state-of-the-art hydrogeologic models to simulated  crop, soil, and water interactions.


  • B.S. Geology, Illinois State University, 2011

Complete CV

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