Erin Haacker

Parade and Field Trips 269Research Interests

Interactions between land use change and groundwater availability; sustainability of water resources in the face of change

My work focuses on the ways in which changes on the land surface – particularly changes in management practices – affect aquifers. Myriad feedbacks exist between groundwater availability and the human decisionmaking process. Through my work on the High Plains Aquifer, I am learning to approach complex “coupled human and natural systems” from an interdisciplinary modeling perspective.


  • 2011-Present: Ph.D. student in Environmental Geosciences and Environmental Science and Policy at Michigan State University.
  • 2005-2010: BS in International Field Geosciences jointly awarded from the University of Montana and University College Cork.
  • 2005-2010: BA in Zoology at the University of Montana.


2012 American Geophysical Union Conference: “A New Assessment of Groundwater Levels of the High Plains Aquifer: From Predevelopment to Current” (poster)

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