Lon Cooper

Personal History

At the age of 15, I watched the Cuyahoga River burn from my back yard. From that point on, I knew I wanted to be in the environmental field. After thirty years of professional experience and management in the environmental field, I elected to return to school and work on my doctorate so that I could bring real world experiences into the classroom.

Research Interests

As a consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the impact of contaminated groundwater on various surface water bodies. In many cases, the impacts were not as anticipated. Surface water quality should be directly linked to both the sources of contaminants and the water body’s capacity to interact with and adjust to changing environmental (hydrologic and geochemical) conditions. Unfortunately, the dynamics of surface and ground-water interactions are very complex and not well understood.

My research focuses on local-scale hydrology at a point bar system located on a tributary of the Muskegon River, where I am examining the relationships among groundwater, surface water, porosity, soil moisture, and hydraulic conductivity. To determine these local relationships, I developed a network of 20 monitoring wells, 2 stream gauging stations, four soil moisture stations and a weather station to collect the appropriate hydrologic data for my dissertation.


M.Engineer, Geologic Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 1983.
B.S., Geology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1975.


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