Luwen Wan


Research Interest

Generally, I have interests in interdisciplinary research to better understand the complexity of coupled human environment systems. Specially, I have focused on climate change, extreme climate events, landscape pattern evolution and their impacts on surface runoff, water quality and ecosystem services. Currently, my research involves nutrients transport in Great Lakes Basin using a spatially explicit modeling method, also nutrient simulations using a fully-coupled, process-based integrated hydrologic model in agricultural watersheds.


2018-Present: Ph.D. student in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Michigan State University
2016-2017: visiting student in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University
2014-2017: MS in Geography, South China Normal University
2010-2014: BS in Land Resource Management, Hunan Normal University

Recent Publications:

  • Zhang, Z., Wan, L., Dong, C., Xie, Y., Yang, C., Yang, J. and Li, Y., 2018. Impacts of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Surface Runoff in the Wuhua River Basin. Sustainability, 10(10), p.3405.
  • Chen, Y., Zhang, Z., Wan, L., Zhang, J., Yang, C., Ye, C. and Li, Q., 2018. Identifying Risk Areas and Risk Paths of Non-point Source Pollution in Wuhua River Basin. Acta Georaphica Sinica, 73(09), p. 1765-1777.
  • Wan, L., Zhang, Z., Dong, C., Yang, C. and Zhang Z., 2017. The study on influence factors of hanjiang river basin of reference crop evapotranspiration change and its spatio-temporal change. Journal of south China normal university (natural science edition),49(04),p.73-81.
  • Wan, L., Zhang, Z. and Li, Y., 2017. Temporal and spatial analysis of extreme temperature and precipitation events in hanjiang river basin during the past 50 years. Journal of China Agricultural University, 22 (09), p.133-144.
  • Li, Y., Zhang, L., Qiu, J., Yan, J., Wan, L., Wang, P., Hu, N., Cheng, W. and Fu, B., 2017. Spatially explicit quantification of the interactions among ecosystem services. Landscape Ecology, 32(6), pp.1181-1199.