Sherry Martin

Research Interests

I take an interdisciplinary approach in researching issues related to water quality and quantity. More specifically, I use the principles of landscape ecology together with biogeochemistry and systems modeling to investigate ecosystem services in a changing landscape. My current research evaluates temporal shifts in coupled human and natural systems. To this end, I am using both multivariate statistical techniques and mechanistic models to investigate the role of historical land use/cover in driving physical, chemical, and biological characteristic currently observed in lake, stream, and wetland ecosystems.

Overall, my goal is to conduct research for the purpose of guiding ecosystem management, with ecosystem type unconstrained by salinity or water residence time. One line of research which I plan on pursuing is the concept of land use/cover legacies.


  • Ph.D. Fisheries and Wildlife and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. 2010. Dissertation Title: Understanding variation in lake water chemistry over space and time. Advisor: Daniel Hayes
  • M.S. Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. 2004. Thesis Title: Defining lake landscape position: relationships to hydrologic connectivity and landscape features. Advisor: Patricia Soranno
  • B.A. Biology, with Political Science minor, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH. 1995.

Recent Publications

  • Nshimyimana JP, S.L. Martin, M. Flood, M.P. Verhougstraete, D.W. Hyndman, and J.B. Rose. 2018. Regional Variations of Bovine and Porcine Fecal Pollution as a Function of Landscape, Nutrient, and Hydrological Factors. Journal of Environmental Quality 47(5): 1024-1032.
  • Martin, S.L., D.B. Hayes, A.D. Kendall, and D.W. Hyndman. 2017. The land-use legacy effect: Towards a mechanistic understanding of time-lagged ecosystem responses to land use/cover. Science of the Total Environment 579: 1794–1803.
  • Verhougstraete, M., S. Martin, A. Kendall, D. Hyndman, and J.B. Rose. 2015. Linking Fecal Bacteria in Rivers to Landscape, Geochemical, Hydrologic Factors, and Sources at the Basin Scale. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(33): 10419-10424.
  • Martin, S.L., B.L. !Jasinski, A.D. Kendall, and D.W. Hyndman. 2015. Predicting beaver population dynamics and dam sediment retention using aerial imagery, habitat characteristics, and economic. Landscape Ecology 30(6): 1129-1144.
  • Roy, E.D., A.T. Morzillo, F. Seijo, S.M. Walsh, J.M. Rhemtulla, J.C. Milder, T. Kuemmerle, and S.L. Martin. 2013. The Elusive Pursuit of Interdisciplinarity at the Human-Environment Interface. BioScience 63(9):745-753

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