EPA Extreme Events Grant

The project “Forecasting and Evaluating Vulnerability of Watersheds to Climate Change, Extreme Events, and Algal Blooms” was awarded a $750,000 grant.¬†Looking at four different hydrologic regions, our goal of this project is to better understand the impacts extreme events have had on these areas, with our focus on that of algal blooms. By using satellite imagery and USGS gages, we will first analyze the history of algal blooms and their possible past connections to various extreme events. We also will be looking at the possible impacts extreme events have on algal blooms, as well as what influences climate changes may have on algal biomass. Finally, statistical models that can be applied nationwide will be drawn up in order to better understand management techniques for algal blooms and the vulnerabilities of extreme events.

This project is EPA funded. The PI is Jane Stevenson. The co-PIs are David Hyndman, Nathan Moore, and Jiaguo Qi.